American Hip Institute


American Hip Institute fellowship is recognized by the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy:

Chicago Comprehensive Hip Fellowship

A fellow can be expected to be trained by multiple specialty and fellowship trained surgeons, associated with the American Hip Institute® and Hinsdale Orthopedic Associates.

– Benjamin G. Domb, M.D.
– Robert J. Daley, M.D.
– Kristopher J. Alden, M.D.
– Justin M. LaReau, M.D.

Fellows will be trained in varying aspects of hip surgery, providing a comprehensive and unique foundation for a future hip surgeon. Training will include:

– Hip arthroscopy
– Open hip preservation
– Peri-acetabular osteotomy
– Hip resurfacing
– Hip replacement (anterior, posterior, and robotic-assisted)
– Revision hip arthroplasty

This highly specialized fellowship prepares trainees for a focused or specialized practice.  It is ideal for trainees graduating from a sports medicine or joint reconstruction fellowship, wishing to obtain further training in an additional fellowship. However, it is also open to graduating residents.

To apply, please send:

– Cover Letter
– CV
– Three Recommendation Letters

Send to:

Benjamin G. Domb, M.D.
c/o Christine Stake