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Robotic Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement A total hip replacement involves removing the existing arthritis and placing a metal cup in the socket and a metal stem down the femur. There is a plastic, polyethylene, liner that is placed between the metal ball and socket to provide nonmetal-on-metal weight bearing surfaces.

After a hip replacement patients are generally allowed to bear weight as tolerated. This is an inpatient procedure requiring a minimum of one night’s stay in the hospital. Physical therapy works with the patient during their hospital stay and upon return to home or a rehab facility to maximize their hips condition during the recovery phase.

This procedure can be done through an anterior or posterior approach.  Robotic guidance may also be used in your hips replacement for component position accuracy. Ask Dr Domb at your visit which approach would work best for you.

  MAKOplasty MAKOplasty robotic assisted hip replacement is considered the new and cutting edge technology in total joint replacement. The MAKOplasty technology provides Dr. Domb robotic assistance intraoperatively designed to maximize accuracy of component positioning. Using robot-assisted technology, precise implant placement through a smaller minimally invasive incision is made possible. Early studies indicate the MAKOplasty may result in a faster post-operative rehabilitation course.

Click below for an animation of the MAKOplasty procedure:

For more information on MAKOplasty, please visit their website. Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement Click HERE to read more about MAKOplasty total hip replacement. Do I Need A Hip Replacement? Ask your Surgeon These Questions.   Hip Replacement Testimonials: “Over a year ago, I suffered a spine and hip injury at work. I experienced a lot of pain, which affected my ability to stand, walk, sit, and sleep. I needed to constantly increase a dose of pain medicine to deal with my pain. Unfortunately, the medicine would become ineffective after a while.

My family doctor ordered an x-ray of my hip, and the result was obvious. I needed to see a hip specialist. I was then referred to Dr. Benjamin Domb. During my first visit, Dr. Domb, impressed me with his professional knowledge, courtesy and kindness.  He repeated an x-ray, and performed an injection to reduce my constantly increasing pain. After two weeks, during my second visit, the decision was made that I need to undergo a hip surgery. Dr. Domb explained the whole process in detail, and assured me that everything will be OK. The surgery went well, during which, Dr. Domb replaced my hip, using sophisticated medical technology, and leaving only a tiny scar line on my side.

Dr. Domb, is a great, caring man, with impressive professional knowledge, skills, and great character. He is a perfectionist, paying attention to every detail during the whole treatment process.

Thanks to Dr. Domb, three months after the surgery, I feel great, and the pain is completely gone. I do not feel any lack of performance, or limitations due to an artificial hip.

When walking to doctor’s office, it is hard not to notice a wall full of his diplomas, achievements, and rewards, and I am a living proof of the knowledge, Dr. Domb was recognized for.

Thank you so very much for changing and improving my life.” – Zbigniew Garderewicz  

“Dr. Benjamin Domb performed my total hip replacement surgery (anterior method with MAKOplasty) on Feb. 4, 2013.  I had been diagnosed six years earlier at age 58, and I was determined to research the best doctor for my procedure.  Dr. Domb gave a lecture on MAKOplasty related to hip surgery in July of 2009, and I was impressed.  The orthopedic rock stars at Rush and NorthShore did not use this new technology.  After further exploring his excellent credentials, I chose Dr. Domb as my surgeon.

My surgery took place at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. Dr. Domb called me at home before the surgery to answer some of my questions. I was pleased with my communication with my doctor and with his knowledgeable physician’s assistants. The staff at Hinsdale Hospital gave me excellent care. When I returned home after surgery, I was surprised when I did not need any of my pain medications. Dr. Domb gave me goals to work toward, and I carefully followed the instructions of my physical therapist.

Today I am back at the health club for my aerobics, Pilates, and weightlifting classes. My limp is gone and I can walk for four miles. Best of all, I was able to dance (really dance) at my daughter’s wedding on May 11, 2013.

I would highly recommend Dr. Benjamin Domb to anyone considering hip replacement surgery.” – Peggy Mangan  

“Choosing Dr. Domb to do my hip replacement surgery was one of the best decisions of my life. Why?  Because he literally gave me a new life!  My lifestyle always included daily activity be it biking, walking, roller-blading, cross-country skiing, yoga and it was getting harder and harder to move without pain. After three years of suffering, I decided to bite the bullet and find a doctor to perform my surgery.  I wanted someone that was sharp, modern yet rooted with experience.  Dr. Domb and his staff not only fit the bill but superseded my expectations.  I was walking the same day as surgery and discharged the next.  It blew my mind that I could walk so soon without the same familiar pain in my hip joint.  Poof – it was just gone!  Recovery was much less of an ordeal than I expected as well.  In fact, I was back at my gym six weeks to the day taking my favorite spin and yoga classes.  I recently met a man who mentioned he had an artificial hip and I thought to myself, too bad he got an “artificial” hip when I have a “new” hip.  It’s just had to think of it any other way for me.  It’s my hip and it’s wonderfully smooth and silky feeling.  And I’m so grateful for it!  Thank you Hinsdale Orthopedics, Dr. Domb and your excellent staff!  I have a new life now to do all the things I want to do without giving it a moment’s thought.

My ongoing appreciation,” – Karen Peterik

Total hip replacement using MAKO robotic assistance

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