American Hip Institute

Surgical technique: Endoscopic gluteus maximus tendon release for external snapping hip syndrome.

Abstract: While many authors have recommended surgery for patients with persistent symptoms of external snapping hip, it is unclear which one best relieves symptoms. Concerns with iliotibial band (ITB)-modifying techniques include altering the shape of the lateral thigh and overload of the contralateral abduction mechanism. We describe a new endoscopic technique that decreases the tension of the ITB complex by releasing the femoral insertion of the gluteus maximus tendon (GMT).

METHODS: We reviewed eight patients (nine hips) with external snapping hip nonresponsive to nonoperative treatment treated by endoscopic GMT release. There were seven women (one bilateral) and one man, with a mean ± SD age of 35 ± 13.1 years (range, 18-55 years). Mean symptom duration was 36 ± 20.3 months (range, 16-84 months). Minimum followup was 22 months (mean, 32 ± 9.3 months; range, 22-45 months).

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