American Hip Institute

Clinical Outcomes of Hip Arthroscopic Surgery: A Prospective Survival Analysis of Primary and Revision Surgeries in a Large Mixed Cohort.

Abstract:With the rapid increase in hip preservation procedures, revision hip arthroscopic surgery and conversion to total hip arthroplasty (THA) or hip resurfacing (HR) after primary hip arthroscopic surgery have become a large focus in the recent literature.

METHODS: From February 2008 to June 2012, data were prospectively collected on all patients undergoing primary or revision hip arthroscopic surgery. Patients were assessed preoperatively and postoperatively with the modified Harris Hip Score (mHHS), Non-Arthritic Hip Score (NAHS), Hip Outcome Score-Activities of Daily Living (HOS-ADL), and Hip Outcome Score-Sport-Specific Subscale (HOS-SSS). Pain was estimated on a visual analog scale (VAS). Patient satisfaction was measured with the question "How satisfied are you with your surgery results?" (1 = not at all, 10 = the best it could be).

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