American Hip Institute

2009 – Clinical examination of the hip joint in athletes. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation. – Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2009

In recent years, a quantum leap has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of nonarthritic hip injuries. This evolution can be attributed in part to better imaging, improved understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of the hip, and prog – ress in surgical technology and techniques. Among other advances, labral tears and early cartilage damage have been identified as common sources of pain. Fur – thermore, important etiologies for hip injury have been explained, including fem – oroacetabular impingement (FAI) 1 .These advances have led to a rapid increase in the correct diagnosis of nonarthritic hip pain.

Concurrent with the advances in diagnosis, a revolution in surgical treatment of hip injuries is emerging. Many joint-preserving surgeries including labral deb – ridement or repair and decompression of impinging bone lesions can now be per – formed arthroscopically. These arthroscopic hip surgeries have provided new options with high clinical success rates for patients with nonarthritic hip pain 2 .

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