American Hip Institute

More Success Stories of Hip Replacement Patients

“Over a year ago, I suffered a spine and hip injury at work. I experienced a lot of pain, which affected my ability to stand, walk, sit, and sleep. I needed to constantly increase a dose of pain medicine to deal with my pain. Unfortunately, the medicine would become ineffective after a while.

My family doctor ordered an x-ray of my hip, and the result was obvious. I needed to see a hip specialist. I was then referred to a doctor within the American Hip Institute. During my first visit, my surgeon impressed me with his professional knowledge, courtesy and kindness.  He repeated an x-ray, and performed an injection to reduce my constantly increasing pain. After two weeks, during my second visit, the decision was made that I need to undergo a hip surgery. the doctor explained the whole process in detail, and assured me that everything will be OK. The surgery went well, during which, the surgeon replaced my hip, using sophisticated medical technology, and leaving only a tiny scar line on my side.

The surgeon at the American Hip Institute, is a great, caring man, with impressive professional knowledge, skills, and great character. He is a perfectionist, paying attention to every detail during the whole treatment process.

Thanks to Dr Domb, three months after the surgery, I feel great, and the pain is completely gone. I do not feel any lack of performance, or limitations due to an artificial hip.

When walking to doctor s office, it is hard not to notice a wall full of his diplomas, achievements, and rewards, and I am a living proof of the knowledge, the American Hip Institute was recognized for.

Thank you so very much for changing and improving my life.”

– Zbigniew Garderewicz (MAKOplasty posterior Total Hip)