American Hip Institute

My Hip Hurts – What Now?

Diagnosis of hip injuries can be complex. Studies have shown that as many as 60% of patients requiring a hip arthroscopy were initially misdiagnosed. Hip pain may mimic many other conditions, including sciatica, spinal problems, muscle strains, and sports hernias.

Obtaining the correct diagnosis is of paramount importance in directing appropriate treatment. A systematic approach to diagnosis may include several steps:

  1. Specialized clinical exam by a hip specialist
  2. Specific X-ray views designed for viewing hip anatomy
  3. Specialized MRI scans at a center specializing in pre-arthritic and arthritic hip conditions.
  4. Ultrasound guided diagnostic intra-articular hip injections can help confirm the diagnosis and intra-articular involvement

It is important to note that many patients are misdiagnosed despite having a physical exam, X-rays, and an MRI, because the studies were not the specific studies designed for pre-arthritic or early arthritic hip injuries.

The American Hip Institute® strives to maintain the continuing highest excellence in the hip physical exam, imaging techniques and performing diagnostic injections under ultrasound guidance. The field of Hip Preservation and Restoration is a developing, cutting-edge field. As a result, there are a limited number of centers equipped with a team of specialists to provide a comprehensive understanding of your hip injury. A multi-disciplined approach to obtaining the correct diagnosis and treatment plan is at the core of the mission of the American Hip Institute®.

Image: MRI of a hip with a labral tear