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Thank you so very much for giving me back the gift that enables me to enjoy so many activities without disabling pain.

Reattaching it to the Bone - American Hip Institute

Dear Dr. Domb: It has now been 10 weeks since you performed a repair to my gluteus medius tendon – reattaching it to the bone. (May 22nd, 2019)

From the day of the surgery I had no pain at all – amazing. Of course I had a dead right leg which felt like a ton of bricks had been placed on my thigh – but as you know, in time things began to work again. As, During the 18 months I suffered with this injury, I had experienced the best relief from laser therapy, this is where I started as soon as I arrived home. I had 6 sessions 2 – 3 days apart bringing about a quick dissipation of inflammation and swelling which enabled me to quickly increase my range of motion with no pain. At 5 weeks, I had this overwhelming urge that I was ready to start walking again. Interestingly enough this has been the most difficult part of all of this. It appeared I had “forgotten” how to walk and was mindfully placing my foot down. My ankle got very sore and swollen and my calf muscles were not happy. I went to physical therapy at 5 ½ weeks just before my husband and I left for a road trip to the Colorado Mountains. Angela watched me walk and pointed out some things as well as gave me some exercises to do while we were gone for 2 weeks. (I was the designated driver for the 2 day trip) At this time I was not using the right leg for leading going up or down stairs. During the 2 weeks in the mountains I got some good walks , with the hip area feeling a little sore and tight, the ankle swelling up, but with rest it would subside.

This was the very first time I took Tylenol 500 mg. overnight to settle discomfort. We had so many stairs at the condo we rented, it was no time until that challenge was conquered. At 7 weeks I actually did a 7.5 mile hike on an easy trail at 9,000 ft altitude, and other than leg fatigue and slight soreness at the hip, I did very well.

Since coming back from vacation I have done a lot of garden work, can go into full squats, climb a ladder, go on my normal walks, and keep up with my exercises. My ankle and calf are not quite back to normal but getting there. I feel the occasional pinching sensation and still a little soreness at the wound sight, but do not need any pain relief for this.

This week I tried Yoga and had a good range of flexibility not feeling anything during the practice. However, that night I had pretty intense pain at the hip and radiating down the front of the shin – akin to what I had experienced before the surgery. I feel I may have done a little “damage” and have laid low now for a couple of days. Thankfully, that pain did not come back the second night. Needless to say, as it is quite clear I don’t get any sense of messages while doing a variety of range of yoga motions, I will not be going back to yoga, and just hope this all works itself out. I do not want to wreck the marvelous repair you have given to me and feel that continued yoga practice will probably little by little tear away at the repair. I certainly don’t need yoga to be happy.

  • Reattaching it to the Bone - American Hip Institute
  • Reattaching it to the Bone - American Hip Institute

Thank you so very much for giving me back the gift that enables me to enjoy so many activities without disabling pain. Even more, that I can actually get a good night’s sleep. I cannot say how much this has altered my life – not being sleep deprived. It is HUGE. I know all this is early yet and healing is still occurring, but it is already a big success, as I continue with physical therapy and just with my life the way it flows.

- Yvonne B