American Hip Institute

Recovery from Surgery

Recovery from Surgery:

Hip arthroscopy is generally an outpatient procedure, with fairly minimal pain

The average postoperative course involves 2 weeks in a hip brace and 2 weeks on crutches to protect the work done on the hip. A brace may be required for 6 weeks and crutches may be required for up to 8 weeks if the hip’s condition requires a more extensive surgery.

Most patients begin riding a stationary bicycle and begin physical therapy the day after surgery.

Patients can return to work as soon as 2-3 days after their procedure, depending on their work type. Athletes can expect to return to sports between 3-6 months after surgery. High-level athletes participate in an intense physical therapy course after surgery, gradually increasing their workout intensity.

Quote from Dr. Domb:

“We have been successfully repairing knees and shoulders arthroscopically, yet for decades the hip has been ignored,” said Dr. Domb. “Hip arthroscopy is perhaps the final frontier of arthroscopic sports medicine. Just as shoulder and knee injuries can be repaired, we can now offer similar solutions for the hip.”

The American Hip Institute’s Post-Operative Instructions are listed below.