American Hip Institute

2013- Domb et al. Risk factors for ligamentum teres tears. – American Hip Institute (B.G.D.), Chicago

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between nontraumatic ligamentum teres (LT) tears and acetabular radiographic architecture.

Methods: The inclusion criteria for this study were all patient who had anteroposterior pelvis radiographic views and had undergone arthroscopic examination of the LT. The exclusion criteria were Tonnis arthritic grade 3 and traumatic high-energy mechanisms of injury. Radiographic data were measured preoperatively on an anteroposterior pelvis view,

The ligamentum teres (LT), otherwise known as the round ligamentum of the femur, is a triangular band attached the femoral head to the acetabulum. It is attached to either site of the acetabular notch by 2 bands and, at its apex, extends to the anterosuperior portion of the femoral head, merging with the fovea capitis femoris.

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