American Hip Institute

Who is a Candidate?

Alex Rodriguez and Kurt Warner are both professional athletes who recently underwent arthroscopic hip surgery. They both successfully returned to their professional athletic careers. Although hip injuries are common in competitive athletes, they often occur in people of all activity levels.

Hip injuries can make a patient experience pain in many different ways, diagnosing hip injuries can be confusing for both patients and their doctors.

Pain may be felt in the groin, on the side of the hip or the buttock, and may radiate down the leg or to the knee. As a result, many people with hip pain are misdiagnosed with groin strains, sciatica, bursitis or sports hernias.

People may develop hip pain at any age. Potential candidates for hip arthroscopy include children, adults, competitive athletes, recreational athletes and elderly who do not have significant degenerative changes.

Injuries potentially treated with hip arthroscopy include labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement, internal snapping hip, external snapping hip, other ligamentous injuries, removal of loose bodies, bursitis, gluteus medius tears, bursitis and cartilage damage.



Brandon Marshall, NFL Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears, Wide Receiver

Kurt Warner, NFL quarterback, Arizona Cardinals

Priest Holmes, NFL running back, Kansas City Chiefs


Brian Roberts, MLB second baseman, Baltimore Orioles

Alex Rodriguez, MLB third baseman, New York Yankees

Mike Lowell, MLB third baseman, Boston Red Sox

Carlos Delgado, MLB first baseman, Boston Red Sox

Chase Utley, MLB second baseman, Philadelphia Phillies

Darren O’day, MLB pitcher, baltimore Orioles


Troy Hudson, NBA point guard, most recently played with Golden State Warriors

Theo Raliffe, fromer NBA center forward for Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers


Greg Norman, PGA


Tara Lapinski, Olympic figure skater


Mario Lemieux, Former NHL player, Canada


Magnus Norman, ATP World Tour