The American Hip Institute Research Foundation is honored to have had not one, but two of its studies selected as finalists for Arthroscopy Journal awards. The study by Domb et al on “Circumferential Labral Reconstruction in the Primary Setting” was selected for Clinical Research Excellence and the study on how “Surgeon Experience in Hip Arthroscopy Affects Outcomes” was selected for Systematic Review Research Excellence. Congratulations to the researchers at AHIRF!

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The American Hip Institute’s team of orthopedic surgeons leads the fields of arthroscopic and minimally invasive hip surgery. We have been educated at Ivy League universities, top medical schools such as Johns Hopkins University, and world-renowned sports medicine institutions including the Andrews Sports Medicine Institute and the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. We have treated numerous professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and WNBA, Olympians, and Division I athletes, and have served as Head Team Physicians and 2nd opinion consultants for multiple professional sports teams.

Under Dr. Domb’s leadership, each surgeon at AHI devotes time to charitable medical endeavors, research and education. They have written over 300 peer-reviewed studies in internationally ranked medical journals, teach their innovative techniques to surgeons from around the world, and are regularly invited as Visiting Professors and Guest Lecturers at prestigious universities such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and Mass. General.